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  • 举办时间:2017-06-06---2017-06-08
  • 举办展馆:上海世博展览馆
  • 主办单位:中国食品工业协会食品物流专业委员会
  • 承办单位:上海展窑展览服务有限公司
  • 协办单位:中国食品工业协会食品物流专业委员会
  • 展会概况



    The 8th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Beverage Exhibition 2017

    时间:2017年6月6日至8日     地点:中国 上海世博展览馆

    Date: June 6-8, 2017   Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center,China

    网址/ Web:http://www.gcfbe.com/


    指导单位丨Guidance unit


    China National Food Industry Association

    主办单位丨Hosted by


    Food Logistics Commission of China National Food Industry Association

    承办单位丨Organized by

    上海展窑展览服务有限公司Shanghai Kilnexpo Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

    支持单位丨Supported by

    江苏省餐饮行业协会丨Jiangsu Province Dining Profession Association

    中国绿色食品协会丨China Green Food Association

    重庆市烹饪协会丨Chongqing Cuisine Association

    上海日用品行业协会丨Shanghai Commodity Association

    中国食品工业协会冷冻冷藏食品专业委员会丨Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

    Committee of China National Food Industry Association


    ■展会概况| Exhibition Overview:



    As an important feast - the Shanghai Food Catering Fair of international food ingredients industry to "build a platform for exchanges and cooperation, boost the healthy development of industry"as the theme, show the food and beverage industry enterprises, to capture market opportunities, to internationalization as the goal, based on the China world. A comprehensive display of health food ingredients, food ingredients industry's latest products and brand image, strengthen technological exchanges at home and abroad food ingredients enterprise and economic and trade cooperation, the downstream industry chain effectively boost the food ingredients industry, promote the healthy development of catering food industry; exhibition aims for domestic and foreign manufacturers, distributors, retailers, experts and scholars, lovers and consumers and stakeholders and enterprises face-to-face negotiation and distribution business cooperation, exchange of experience to create one of the most direct and effective platform.

    ■往届回顾| Previous review:



    Shanghai Food Catering Fair to set up the industry and promote the development of the industry as the direction, scale and quantity of exhibition number of exhibitors and attendees of record highs; to provide quality services for docking Chinese catering industry, the exhibition brands: COFCO, Shuanghui, CAFEDON, Zhongtian Sheep, Food-in , Zhangzidao sea cucumber, HANGZHOU YOUNGSUN INTELLIGENT, Yihai Kerry, Anjoy Fujian food, Guizhou Poplar Old Milk, Howay Grain Storage, Chongqing Kai Ling,Shandong gold, Mengsen, Shandong Lu Hai group, Laural food, Startled agriculture, Shanghai Sheng Li Fa, Shanghai Ocean Fisheries Group, Suzhou hung Chang, Qinjie Foods,Fuzhou oceanpower sichuan, Longda food, chouguiyu,Australian Prime Meat ,Haitong food,Lamb Weston,Shanghai Miwenjian,Taste King Food,etc. The 8th China (Shang hai) International Catering Food & Ingredients Exhibition 2017, attracted from Russia, South Korea, Japan, India, Thailand, Turkey, Iran, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Taiwan and other 20 countries and regions, and many domestic provinces and cities with 420 exhibitors rich food collective debut, received a total of 21,102 visitors, including professional buyers and professional audience of 10,509 people, the total exhibition area of over 20,000㎡, with many yuan taste feast for fans of delicacy delicacy. At present, the exhibition has become the large scale and good effect international professional exhibition of catering ingredients industry, and it is also a landmark exhibition of the development of food ingredients industry.


    ■邀请专业买家| Visiting audience: 


    1、庞大的《采购商数据库》,定点、定向邀请全国各省市、港澳台地区餐饮业协(商)会会 长、秘书长,大型中高档超市、中国百强餐饮企业,航空公司餐饮部门。






    7、 展会期间将邀请行业权威人士就我餐饮食材的发展趋势和市场需求举办相关高层研讨会。

    1, the huge "purchaser" database, fixed, directed to invite various provinces, the National Food Industry Association (business) Hongkong Macao and Taiwan Association, the secretary general, in the high-end large supermarkets, Chinese hundred catering enterprises, airlines catering department.

    2, the hotel and all kinds of brand chain hotel, trading company, food traders, food procurement, food wholesalers,food importers,Chinese restaurant,western restaurant, fast food restaurant, Distributor, chain stores, bars, wine importers.

    3, WAL-MART, Carrefour, Hualian, Milian Mi, Wumart, Century Lianhua, Jingkelong, Auchan, lotus, Metro, traders, dealers, agents, gifts, large chain hotels and Resorts Group purchase.

    4, general manager, executive chef and purchasing director, national and provincial major super purchasing managers and agents such as nearly 20 thousand people visit procurement, help brands establish high-end industry contacts circle, improve business efficiency, reduce the transaction costs of cooperation.

    5, the embassy and with various industry associations, assisting in the organization of professional buyers to the exhibition.

    6, for food and beverage industry to build a display platform and effective trading environment, to help exhibitors expand the booming Chinese food and beverage market.

    7, during the exhibition, will invite industry authority on the development trend of food and beverage products and market demand held high-level seminars.


    ◇肉类食材:冷冻/冰鲜肉、肉卷、肉丸、火腿、香肠、调理食品及即食产品等;     Meat Products: Frozen / chilled meat, rolled meat, meatballs, ham, sausage, prepared foods, ready meal products,etc. ◇水产海鲜:海鲜冻品、干品、活品、水产调理食品及深加工制品等; Seafood: Frozen seafood, dried, live seafood, aquatic prepared products and deep- processing products,etc. ◇禽类食品:速冻家禽、分割禽、禽肉调理食品、禽肉深加工食品、蛋品等;   Poultry Food: Frozen poultry, poultry parts, prepared poultry products, deep- processed poultry,egg products,etc. ◇蔬菜菌菜:速冻蔬菜、调理菜、酱菜、泡菜、蔬菜制品及各种食用菌菜等;    Vegetable and Mushroom Products: Frozen vegetables, prepared vegetables,soy sauce pickles, pickles, vegetable products and various edible mushrooms,etc. ◇速食食品:速食米饭、速食汤、速食快餐、方便粥、调理包等速食食品; Instant Food Products: Instant steamed rice, instant soup, fast food, instant porridge,retort pouches,etc. ◇其他食材:酒水饮料、豆制品、乳制品、杂粮和面制品、山珍野味及各种新型有机食材; Other Ingredients: Wines and drinks, soy products, dairy products, cereals and pasta products, wild venison and various new organic ingredients; ◇配餐调料:食用油、味精、鸡精、酱油、食醋、调味酱、烧烤制品、汤料、火锅调料等; Food Seasonings: Edible oil, MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, sauces, soups, barbecue products, spices and hot pot seasonings,etc. ◇相关设备:食材加工设备、灭菌设备、包装设备、速冻设备、仓储及冷链物流设备等; All Related Equipment: Food processing equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging equipment, frozen equipment, warehousing and cold chain logistical equipment,etc. ◇生鲜电商:互联网+餐饮食材供应链B2B、生鲜O2O采购平台,团餐供应商、农副产品电商及物流配送服务等; Fresh Food Ingredients: Internet plus B2B, O2O fresh supply chain procurement platform, group meals, agricultural and sideline products suppliers and logistics service providers,etc. ◇餐饮收银管理软件、触摸屏点菜软件、各种餐饮设备信息软件类,不锈钢及陶瓷餐具等; Catering cashier management software, touch screen ordering software, information software of various catering equipment, stainless steel and ceramic tableware,etc.


    ■参展费用|Booth Rate:    


    ★ 标准展位:  (注:双面开口加收10%费用)

     A.国内企业  10800.00 /展期(RMB) 3m × 3m  

    B.国外企业  3000.00 /展期(USD) 3m × 3m

    ★ 豪华展位:3m×3m国内企业: RMB 12800元/个;国外企业: $4000元/个;

    ★ 室内光地:

    A.国内企业   1000(RMB)/平方米   

    B.国外企业    300(USD)/平方米


    ★ 新产品新技术发布会:每场10000元/45分钟,国外企业  3000.00(USD)

    ★ 行业特别协办单位20万,仅限1家;协办单位16万,仅限2家;招待晚宴协办单位10万,限1家(详情见附件1、2、3)。

    International Exhibitor

    • Standard Booths(3m*3m):USD 3,000/9㎡;Deluxe booth(3m*3m):USD 4,000/9㎡;

    (Plus 10% for corner booth).

    • Raw Space:USD 300/㎡(minimum 36 sq.m.).

    • New product and new technology conference: USD 3000/45 minutes

    Industry special co organizer $38,000, only 1; CO organizer $28,000, only 2; reception dinner co organizer $20,000, limited to 1 (details see attachment 1, 2, 3).


    如欲订“CFBE CHINA 2017 上海餐博会”展位和了解更多信息,请通过以下联络方式:

    To reserve the booth of “CFBE CHINA 2017 Shanghai Food Catering Fair” or learn more information, please contact:





    QQ: 274402319

    E-mail: 13482165724@163.com



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